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gather industry power丨 advocate china city combustion partners to promote methane emission control
2021-10-15 14:20:57

on october 15, 2021, enn energy holdings co., ltd., beijing gas group co., ltd., and the beijing representative office of the american environmental protection association jointly organized "the 11th china gas operation and safety seminar" and "china civil engineering society gas branch 2021 academic annual meeting"-"methane emission reduction helps urban gas carbon neutrality" seminar, which was held in zhengzhou, henan. liu jianfeng, chief financial officer of enn energy, gave a keynote speech on "green action 2030 - enn energy's zero-carbon journey" and presided over the signing ceremony of the "methane control and emission initiative of chinese urban gas enterprises". in this meeting, experts from the united nations environment programme, the climate change center of the ministry of ecology and environment of china, the chinese society of civil engineering, cnooc, beijing gas, and chongqing university shared and discussed the development and practical application of methane emission reduction technologies.

at the meeting, liu jianfeng introduced enn energy's carbon neutrality roadmap in detail, especially the company's action plans and measures to reduce emissions by 2030 and help customers and society develop low-carbon and clean. enn energy attaches great importance to methane management and regards methane emission control as an important task to achieve the company's 2050 net zero emission goal.


enn energy joined mgp, methane emission reduction guiding principles, in march 2021, and guided its own methane emission reduction work with the mgp 5 principles and best practices. in may this year, enn energy became the founder of the methane emission control alliance of chinese oil and gas enterprises members. the company pledges to work with alliance partners to achieve the goal of controlling the average emission intensity of methane in the natural gas production process to below 0.25% in 2025, close to the world's advanced level, and strive to reach the world-class level in 2035.

enn energy, together with beijing gas, jointly launched the "methane emission control initiative of chinese urban gas enterprises", which received positive responses from ten urban gas enterprises, and jointly signed the "methane emission control initiative of chinese urban gas enterprises".

in his speech at the signing ceremony, liu jianfeng pointed out: "china's urban combustion industry needs to establish methane management standards and specifications suitable for the characteristics of the domestic urban combustion industry, and promote the development and application of monitoring and emission reduction technologies. this is the mission and responsibility of the entire industry to move towards carbon neutrality. only by gathering the strength of the industry and forming common goals, beliefs and actions can this process be accelerated, and ultimately surpass international counterparts and participate in and lead the global methane emission control and climate control goal of governance. "

this signing is not only an important commitment by chinese city gas companies to actively promote methane emission control actions, but also a powerful action that demonstrates the responsibility of a major country and strives to contribute china's power to global climate governance. china city fuel enterprises will work hand in hand to shoulder the responsibility of methane emission control and promote the green and low-carbon development of energy.