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enn energy disclosed its decarbonisation action 2030
2021-09-23 17:25:25

as an energy company, it is our responsibility to make an effort to support the low-carbon development of customers, eco-partners, government, and communities when greening our development model. the journey to net-zero is long whereas we are unstoppable. thus, we decide to progress low-carbon development for the company as well as the society and publish this decarbonisation action 2030, which covers scope i and ii emissions of our city gas business, energy generating facilities of the integrated energy business (ieb), and office area.

▲ the panorama of decarbonisation action 2030


methane management, low-carbon transportation, energy transformation, efficiency improvement, and green application are the dimensions we considered to drive energy conservation and emission reduction at the operational level.

  • decarbonisation action taken in city gas business

  • we set a target of reducing greenhouse gas emission intensity (scope1&2 greenhouse gas emissions/gas sold) by 20% by 2030, comparing to the intensity in 2019.

    • by incorporating methane management into the emission reduction scheme, we decide to disclose methane emission data in 2023 with improving transparency, and will engage our eco-partners;

    • the energy transportation fleet will be completely powered by low-carbon fuels by the end of 2025.

  • green development of ieb

  • fossil fuel combustion and purchased electricity are the main sources of scope i and ii emissions of ieb. we set the target to reduce the carbon emission intensity per unit of energy generated (scope i and ii greenhouse gas emissions/energy sold by energy generating facilities of ieb) by 48% from the energy generating facilities of ieb by 2030, compared to the 2019 baseline.

    • we continuously expand the application of renewable energy and zero-carbon energy such as solar energy, biomass energy, geothermal energy, and hydrogen energy. by 2030, the proportion of zero-carbon energy consumption in our energy structure will increase to 36%;

    • intelligent tools such as the serlink smart energy management platform, are developed to build up our intelligence capabilities and improve the overall energy efficiency of energy generating facilities by 5% by 2030 against the existing level of 90%.

    • we intend to promote carbon-negative technologies. therefore, we will introduce carbon capture utilisation and storage (ccus) pilot projects in energy generating facilities of ieb by 2025, which will naturalise 5% annual carbon emission caused by natural gas consumption.

  • green office

    • in addition to our plan to decrease 10% energy consumption per unit, solar energy generation in self-owned office buildings will increase to 5% of total energy consumed within 5 years.

    • 50% of employees shuttle bus, industrial parks commuter bus and pipeline patrolling vehicles will be powered by new energy by 2025.

building a low-carbon society

since carbon peak and carbon neutrality targets have stimulated demands for low-carbon, products and services including low-carbon product portfolios, clean energy solutions, and smart energy management systems have become the tools to serve customers' clean, low-carbon, energy-efficient transformation, and to support the constructions of low-carbon industrial parks, green factories, green buildings, green households, as well as a low-carbon society.

  • low-carbon industrial park and green factory

    • the carbon-oriented integrated energy services, which are tailored to local conditions, prioritising clean energy use and multi-energy complimentary, can guide the customers to develop a smart and cost-effective energy management system. by 2025, we would help our customers build 50 green factories and 50 low-carbon industrial parks;

    • by 2030, the number of green factories and low-carbon industrial parks we serve for customers will increase to 200 respectively.

  • green building

    • relying on energy-saving technology and project experience, we can provide green and energy conservation solutions and services to energy-intensive buildings such as hospitals, hotels, airports, and office buildings.

  • green household

    • intelligent technologies including lora (long range radio), iot (internet of things), big data can be used to serve residential customers' needs of smart energy usage, safety, and low-carbon quality lifestyle.

promoting practices and applications of green technology

carbon peak and carbon neutrality targets significantly contributed to innovations of carbon energy technologies, which could further facilitate our decarbonisation process and improve our low-carbon serving capabilities. we will closely track new green technologies such as biomass, geothermal, energy storage, hydrogen, and ccus, adopt these technologies into the energy ecosystem and build up demonstration projects for further promotion.

the coming 30 years are critical for china to manage its response to climate changes , aligning with opportunities and challenges brought by the carbon neutrality goal. in the course of achieving the ultimate goal of carbon neutrality, we would like to publish this report to outline enn energy's plans for the first 10 years to achieve its carbon ambitions. on our journey to net-zero, we will review the blueprints and adjust our plans every three years following industrial technology development and our decarbonisation status. it is expected that the report will be a reference to our peers and bring value to them, thus promoting low-carbon development across the industry. we are also looking for further cooperation with eco-partners and alliances, providing green energy supply to our customers and improving corporate reputation in terms of low-carbon energy.